General information about our synagogue and the community

On each Shabbat morning children's services will take place: more details here.

Our synagogue is one of ten synagogues of the Jewish Community of Berlin (Juedische Gemeinde) – for more information on the community and on the other synagogues check here.

Our synagogue is located at the Oranienburger Strasse 28/29.

To see a map of the area, including hotels, please follow this link.

Our sanctuary, which seats 100 persons, is found on the top floor of the building. For special events we use the big hall, on the former women’s gallery, which seats 250 persons.

If you are planning to come with an entire group, we are happy to have you with us, but please let us know beforehand by sending us an e-mail!

Our synagogue grew out of the need for an alternative, egalitarian approach to Jewish religious life. We are not officially affiliated with any specific movement within Judaism, but those coming from a Masorti/Conservative background will feel especially at home. Our services are traditional-egalitarian, mostly in Hebrew. Next to the German prayerbooks, we also have Siddurim and Machsorim with an English translation. Quite often, we have guest lectures in English - and many of our congregants do speak English.

Children are warmly welcome, and we offer special programs for them.

Rabbi Gesa S. Ederberg became our rabbi in February 2007.

She is a member of the Rabbinical Assembly, the International association of Conservative/Masorti Rabbis. She was ordained at the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem, and she is the founder of Masorti Germany.

Children's services

Dear Children, dear Parents,

Do you feel like coming to the synagogue on Saturday mornings to share activities like singing, listening to stories and learning to pray with friendly people? If you have never joined us, then we suggest you try it out.

We hold two services for children every Saturday morning. In addition, all the children are present when the Torah is taken from the shrine. After that they go to Tefilat Jeladim which is Hebrew for the Children’s Service. The children of kindergarten age join Hannah, Rachela and Hila where they can sing prayers and listen to the exciting (?) story of the week. And if you don’t want to come alone, you are welcome to bring your parents.

For the first graders upward, Esther and Judith help the children to pray and teach them about the weekly section from the Torah or special ones for Jewish holidays. These stories can be acted out with the help of the puppets we have in the synagogue, or you can hear a Midrash which gives you further interesting explanations about the stories in the Torah.

We are planning a third Children’s Service for the fifth graders and upward. There you can learn not only more, but also prepare for yourselves for your bat or bar mitzwah. Children’s Services are not held during the school holidays. But if, on those days, you get bored sitting next to your parents during the adult Shabbat service, you can go out and play. Someone will be there to look after you. There are, of course, special Children’s Services during the Jewish holidays.

We look forward to welcoming you.

The Childen’s Service Team

Service Times:

Friday evenings: 6 p.m. (in winter) / 7 p.m. (in summer)
Saturday mornings: 10 a.m. – Lifting out the Torah is about 10.45, followed by the Children’s Service and followed by Kiddush.
Please check on the page services for service times on Chagim and special occasions.

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