For Visitors


Whether you are visiting for a short time or live in Berlin, we welcome you. As a growing and evolving community, your presence and participation is valued.

When You Visit:

Please introduce yourself to the rabbi and the synagogue officers, and don’t hesitate to ask for any information you need.

Next to the entrance you will find prayer books (in Hebrew with English or German translation), Chumashim, Tallitot and Kippot. Men are required to wear a head covering in the synagogue, women are welcome to do so. Jewish men and women are welcome to wear a Tallit during morning service, and are required to wear one when being called to the Torah.

If you would like to read Torah for us, please be in touch in advance, we would be happy to have you participate.

Please let us know if you have a Yahrzeit or any other special occasion while you are visiting.

Many members speak English as well as German and some Hebrew, so you will find conversations easily. Hearing visitors’ stories is always interesting and we are eager to hear yours.

Attending Services and other Programs:

In addition to weekly Shabbat services on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, we celebrate the full range of annual holidays. In addition, new programs develop in response to our evolving community. We are here to support you on your Jewish path. Coming together to teach, learn and celebrate enriches all participants. We hope to see you more often!

To learn about our regular activities, join our mailing list. Please send your contact information by e-mail.

Keeping in touch:

We send out our English-language electronic newsletter every other month. If you would like to receive it, please send your contact information by e-mail.


About once a month, we offer Kiddush and a meal on Friday evenings. Please check with us about dates. If you come with a group, we are happy to arrange for a catered meal in our rooms.

On Shabbat morning, we have a modest Kiddush (with Hering, Salads and fruit) after services, to which you are cordially invited. If you come with a group and want to stay for Kiddush, we ask you to let us know beforehand and to make a significant financial contribution for the Kiddush.

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